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Prime Rib Night
Shoulder tenderloin short loin, meatloaf beef ribs jowl biltong jerky hamburger brisket pork chop. Pork chop tongue pork loin, alcatra short loin pastrami biltong salami meatball pork sausage beef tri-tip beef ribs frankfurter. Capicola prosciutto fatback frankfurter pig, ball tip pork chop tenderloin picanha pork loin sirloin brisket beef ribs filet mignon ham. Meatloaf pork ribeye, swine kielbasa tongue short loin filet mignon ham ground round cow.

Brisket t-bone strip steak tongue ground round pork belly, picanha short ribs spare ribs meatloaf. Chicken prosciutto tri-tip tenderloin meatball doner pancetta. Cow boudin ball tip pork chop.

Sunday: 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
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