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It all began with Fred Wilkins. A railroad tycoon, master planner and fan of Rocky Mountain skiing, Fred Wilkins bought the land that Mystic River Country Club now resides upon. Ground is broken on construction of the mountain resort. Early developers are recruited and brought in to build up the club's base which is aimed at wealthy northerners.

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New clubhouse, new view. As new construction technologies developed, Mystic River stayed at the forefront of the luxury country club experience by redesigning its clubhouse to incorporate insulated glass panels, offering our clubhouse and ballroom guests floor-to-ceiling windows which provide an unforgettable backdrop to the club's many occasions.


Mystic River keeps fit. New fitness and spa facilities are added to Mystic River Country Club, expanding the range of activities that the club offers to its guests and members. World-class trainers, masseuses and yoga instructors join our staff, adding to the richness and variety of our offerings.


The sky has no limits. Mystic River added the exciting Mountain-Top Wedding Package to its amenities after the acquisition of Mountain Ventures Touring and its fleet of helicopters. The addition of a heli-pad to the club's rear grounds is currently underway, with completion expected in March 2017.

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Clean Air, Stunning Views and World-Class Amenities

We pride ourselves in creating an elegant and relaxed private club that also has a warm, friendly, family oriented atmosphere. We offer social activities such as holiday events, themed parties etc that enable our members to meet and mingle. Nestled in the mountains of Colorado, Mystic River offers clean air, stunning views in every direction and world-class amenities that you have to experience.